Our Planets Rights

This is sort of a funny tile for our planet does not have rights. It just is what it is going to be no matter humans do to it; it may take a couple of million years, but it will keep on going. It doesn't need the humans to continue, other life will develop, maybe even smarter than the humans were.


With out or planet

There would be no life as we know it, there would be no rights or freedoms of any kind. There would be no correct lifestyle, religion, race, government, or purity of culture. There would be only NOTHING


We all travel on the same planet

 but we  live worlds apart

Todos viajamos en el mismo planeta,

pero vivimos en distintos mundos



To be at one with our planet again

Estar de acuerdo con nuestro planeta otra vez

What would our planets rights look like if humans actually gave it some?

It would have the right to have the air and water maintained to support all kinds of life. It would have the right to be responsibly consumed. It would have the right to support a balance of all types of life without one being left unchecked. And lastly, it would have freedom to make necessary corrections whenever it, or any of its creations were abused.

How dose that sound? Would you like to live on a planet like that? We did you know, that is until our species began to think it had more rights then our planet did. It thought it could improve on the natural the l laws of the nature of the planet. So, it created its own set of laws  that it would be give the advantage to its species to dominate the entire planet. It failed and the intelligent species disappeared from the diversification of life experiment.