The Art of Sayings


"Art is the  creative expression of how we see and experience life." wn


Life is for living

Life is for learning

Life is for being all you can be

Life is for knowing that you are the artist, the creator of what you become.

The chorus of my song I'm writing


As I wrote on different aspects of my life, I realized that I could paraphrase or state a  "quote" of what I became to realize was the essence of what I had experienced. It took a while to understand the process and make some meaningful statements. Some were weird, then more direct, and finally, some very insightful. After a while I thought of putting some of my sayings thru Google to see if someone had said something close before.

It only took two quotes to come up with a close enough match to realize we were saying essentially the same thing:

"Everything has an art form below the surface

 just waiting to be discovered, enjoyed, and expressed." wn


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,

but their inward significance.” Aristotle (384 - 322 BC)


I saw in my writing my book about my life that:

I did have a path and meaning that was always with me

 "An unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates 470 – 399 BC 

At first I thought that this was a little arrogant but on further research I found that he was really referring to looking inward. Socrates didn't write his thoughts but  his student "Plato" wrote most of what is known about his teachings. Yet during the editing of my book, I found so many ways to enrich my life.

I  thought "How could this happen? Over two thousand years and we both came up with a similar thought? They had no internet, nor even a printing press. There was so much change in technology but it seemed that experiences of life hadn't changed". Of course, I came up with an answer two years later, so simple that even great minds could understand.

Then I found many more:

From my early environment and my poor hearing, I realized that I learned best from experiences and only factual information from teachers blabbing away that I couldn't hear.

"I seldom read about what I am going to do before I do it; that only biases my experience, thwarts my creativity, and diminishes the adventure." wn

"Lessons from my experiences for learning about life are endless." wn

"Experience is the best teacher of life." Albert Einstein


I also learned my goals could change as I learned new lessons from my new experiences.

"A goal I was working toward might change as I experienced life." wn


upon rereading my book I realized:

"I learned so much on the journey, things I never expected to learn, that I looked forward to setting my next goal." wn

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal” Earl Nightingale


Yet my sayings from my father became the mainstay of my life:

I asked dad, “How does this work?”, he replied,

 “Take it apart, examine each parts function, put it back together,

and then you tell me”.

I soon found it was a great way to learn. To this day, I still don’t know if he didn’t know the answer or if he was saying that so I would learn how to learn. This and his saying,

"Give a question honor by looking for its answer"

seamed to go together.


And one that I wished I had listened to;

"The hardest money you'll ever make is that you marry into."



Brilliant minds sometimes miss the simplest of truths. wn


The power of the synergetic mind is greater than all the information.wn


To experience the beauty of the "Quote", make up some of your own just for fun.


There are thousands more quotes on the internet on just about every subject. 

I like the one sentence ones, for they seem to capture the essence of the idea best.


My advice; don't read too many at the same time; it seems to take away the power of each individual quote.